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The 27th Bodrum Cup Regatta begins on 19th October!
Beyond a Sailing Race… The 27th Bodrum Cup Regatta begins on 19th October!

The international Bodrum Cup Regatta, the largest marine festival of the Mediterranean, will kick off for the 27th time on 19-24 October this year, under the main sponsorship of Palmarina Bodrum and the support of Bodrum Municipality, TAV, Technogym, TURSAB, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, Bodrum Chamber of Shipping, Bodrum Mariners Association, and other agencies in the province.

What distinguishes The Bodrum Cup from other races of its kind is that the competing boats can have guests on board.

It is possible to rent a cabin to participate in The Bodrum Cup, where not only gulets, which are world-renowned for the Blue Voyage, but also sailing craft of different categories, can compete.

The Bodrum Cup Regatta, initiated by Era Bodrum Sailing Club in 1989, continues uninterrupted as a quarter-century-old tradition on the third week of October every year, with the participation of both domestic and foreign sailing enthusiasts.

International The Bodrum Cup regatta, eagerly awaited every year by marine enthusiasts and considered one of the important races of the sailing world, will begin with a parade and bell tolling on October 19th as in previous years, and will entail five legs of Gümüşlük, Leros, Yalıkavak Palmarina, and Bodrum.

The Bodrum Cup, which lasts about a week on water and land in two countries as a “festival” in addition to its competitive atmosphere, is preparing for a delightful evening at the end of the Gümüşlük leg on Tuesday, 20th October, with an acoustic concert by Gökhan Türkmen. As for the finale, the Cup will close with another concert by Ayhan Sicimoğlu and Latin All Stars that will be performed on Neyzen Tevfik Street of Bodrum on 24th October, and, of course, the award ceremony.

Classic features of The Bodrum Cup like the “Instabodrumcup” photography contest, the “Blue Voyage Cuisine” cooking contest, and the costume contest will continue with the addition of some new activities. What is more, uninterrupted Internet connection will be available to all participants and visitors throughout The Bodrum Cup via satellite with Tooway wideband technology, courtesy of Eutelsat−one of the world’s leading satellite operators.

More than 1500 participants and 100 vessels are expected to participate in The Bodrum Cup in its 27th year. You can follow the details of the event where you will be waking up to the deep blue waters in the morning, watching colorful sunsets in a different inlet or country in the evening, during what the regular consider “The Bodrum Cup Week of the Year,” between 19th and 24th October at our website www.bodrumcup.com and our Facebook page facebook.com/bodrumcup.

The additional activities that will take place at The 27th Bodrum Cup are:

The Blue Voyage Cuisine Cooking Contest. Individual or group participation is possible. This contest, where the concept focuses on the cuisine of the Blue Voyage, uncovers the secret recipes of competitors and participants through one racing leg.

The Bodrum Cup 2015 participants will present their culinary skills to the dedicated jury with the dishes they will prepare during the Gümüşlük leg on 20th October. A number of surprises await the contestants who will compete in the best starter, best main course, and best dessert categories at the close of the contest.

Instabodrumcup Photography Contest. This is the first Instagram photography contest that has been accredited by the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey. Participants in The Bodrum Cup will be asked to upload the photographs they will take on sea and land throughout the races to the hashtag #instabodrumcup under the instagram/bodrumcup account, regardless of whether they share the material personally in other social media. The photographs will be collected in a pool specific to this race, to be evaluated and awarded prizes in the categories of “best racing shot”, “best selfie”, “most passionate moment”, “best graphic”, and “free”.

Costume Contest. This is a traditional The Bodrum Cup event, which boats and individual contestants enter with their original designs or concepts in the “Most Chic” and “Most Fantastic” categories. The Costume Contest will take place under fierce competition at Palmarina Bodrum the evening of 23rd October.

The Bodrum Cup Acoustic Concert. An enjoyable evening is at store with the Gökhan Türkmen acoustic concert in Gümüşlük, following the Bodrum-Gümüşlük leg on the evening of Tuesday, 20th October.

The Bodrum Cup Finale Concert. The Bodrum Cup participants and the public together will bring the races to a sweeping close with a concert by Ayhan Sicimoğlu and Latin All Stars, who will perform on a stage that will be erected upon the water on Neyzen Tevfik Avenue, a special Bodrum site of attraction.

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The 27th Bodrum Cup Regatta begins on 19th October!
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