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Where to go in Bodrum is a guide for Bodrum published annually. Also you can reach the contents of the magazine online, clicking the link above. All about Bodrum. Restaurants, beaches, bars and selected hotels. Information about the peninsula.

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Where to go in Bodrum
Bodrum by Night photo: Özgür Damar 2013

Bodrum is committed to be the best source of accurate information, relevant knowledge and penetrating insights for everyone interested in Bodrum, Turkey, a lively, popular holiday resort on the Aegean Sea, renowned in antiquity under its ancient name, Halicarnassus.
The current selection of topical matter and the assortment of images in our photo galleries will continue to be expanded and updated to broaden the scope reflecting Bodrum’s vast diversity, from its stirring historical heritage to its contemporary exhilarating way of life. Also, the few select services we have chosen to offer are certain to satisfy.

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Avlu Bistro & Bar
A 150 year old Bodrum house in the city center has become a location where you can enjoy drinks and delicious food in a magnificent atmosphere… MORE
Kumquat Restaurant
With its menu including Bodrum tastes and Mediterranean dishes, innovative side dishes, hot appetizers as well as main courses and desserts to be shared, Kumquat Restaurant aims to become the new address of Bodrum tastes. MORE
Limoon Cafe Restaurant at the City Center
Try the delicious food at "Limoon Cafe & Restaurant" in the centre of Bodrum just five minutes walk from the Marina. Limoon Cafe & Restaurant takes its name from the two lemon trees in the garden, and opens from breakfast to dinner. MORE
The Brotherhood of St.John of Rhodes
The Bodrum castle often inspires visions of medieval romance, but its sight normally does not transport one’s thoughts to the world of business and commerce. So the reader is likely to be intrigued by the thesis that the Order of the Knights of St. John, the builders of the Castle, may be regarded MORE
Bodrum: A Refuge City follows traditions of Turkish Hospitality
The most recent refugees to settle in Bodrum are those who came to find some relief from dehumanizing city life. The previous wave of refugees were called "Cretans". They came to Bodrum, usually via other Aegean islands, after they had to flee from Crete. Their descendants form a large portion of MORE
The Trailblazer
This summer of 2003 is a special occasion, a time to remember. Forty-five years ago Bodrum was a tiny town, little bigger than a village, and the Castle was a ruined hulk. The main economic activity was diving for sponges and the cultivation of citrus fruit, mainly tangerines. In the summer of 1958 MORE
Brief History of Turkish Ceramics
Anatolian Turkey has one of the oldest traditions of the manufacture of fired earthenware in the world, stretching back almost ten thousand years towards the end of the last ice age. Traditional Turkish ceramics, or 'çini' as they are known in turkish are appreciated around the world for their MORE
Bodrum: Birthplace and home of Underwater Archaeology:castle
Salvage of shipwrecks dates back centuries, but scientific underwater archaeology is a recent discipline born in Bodrum. It was conceived in 1959 when Peter Throckmorton, an American journalist and salvage diver, dove on several shipwrecks guided by Turkish sponge fisherman Kemal Aras.Bodrum: Birthplace and home of Underwater Archaeologymore
Bodrum: A Place For All Seasons
Although known mostly as a summer holiday destination, Bodrum is becoming increasingly popular with visitors in the other seasons. springThe reasons are many, but probably foremost is the chance to enjoy its attractions more intimately by avoiding the hubbub of high season.Bodrum: A Place For All Seasonsmore
Bodrum's Famous Sons and Daughters:mausolos
When Bodrum still bore the name "Halicarnassus", the capital of Caria, the city and its peninsula produced a considerable number of prominent personalities whose names continue to be celebrated in history. In later ages others gained admission to this Roll of the Renowned - which is not closed yet.Bodrum's Famous Sons and Daughtersmore
Rediscovered Bodrum becomes a holiday destination.
In 1927, when Bodrum was a small fishincevatsakirg, sponge diving and agricultural village with a population of 4902, a writer named Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli arrived to serve his sentence of exile under fortress arrest in the Bodrum Castle.Rediscovered Bodrum becomes a holiday destination.more
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The 28th Bodrum Cup Regatta begins on 17th October!
Running from the 17th to the 22nd of October, this year's sailing instructions says the Bodrum Cup is essential a regatta of wooden sail yachts built for pleasure and touristic purposes.

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