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Gourmet or just plain hungry?

Turkey is the land of some of the most wholesome and delicious food in the world.

Heavily favoring fresh vegetables, steering away from too much red meat and relying extensively on pure olive oil and garlic, the Turkish cuisine is healthy and non-fattening, except if one indulges too much in good Turkish bread, borek pastries or rich sweet desserts. Eating when on holiday is fun, especially because you have the time and the opportunity to explore the local gastronomic scene, so let us tempt you with a few suggestions.

olive oil

However, if you are set in your eating habits and determined to stick to fish and chips, steak or hamburgers in any of their variations, who are we to condemn your choice of food? You’re free to eat what you will, but if you listen to that call to adventure within you, perhaps you’ll give a try to something different from your usual fare. And Bodrum has it nearly all.

Some tips about eating out are given below, with the understanding that what tastes good to one person may not appeal to another.

bodrum cuisine

Although many restaurants now feature what is known as “international cuisine” some still keep on their menus selections of authentic Turkish dishes. Try them. There are also a few Turkish “lokantas” left, these are eating places specializing in quite inexpensive regional Turkish food. Try them too.

If you have to eat and run, try Turkish doner kebab take-outs served in 1/4 or 1/2 loaf of bread - we recommend that you buy these at places that clearly have a large turn-over, avoiding tummy problems with meat that may have remained too long in the heat of the day.

Other variants of local semi-fast foods are gozleme and pide - try both. Gözleme is a type of crepe cooked on a convex iron pot (like a reversed wok) and served with fillings. Pide is sometimes called “Turkish pizza” but this comparison is somewhat misleading - let us add that the Turks are experts at making pide, not pizza. Another recommended Turkish “fast-food” is lahmacun.

It’s a fact that what is known as ‘international cuisine’ has made inroads everywhere but this trend has somewhat eased with the ‘discovery’ in the West that traditional Mediterranean food is much healthier than cuisines in which red meat is king and animal fats are commonly used. Hence the slow return to the recipes of Turkish grandmothers and chefs of the Ottoman Court. Another Western ‘discovery’, of the healthy properties of rice, is at least partly responsible for the increase of popularity of Oriental food.

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