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Bodrum Turkish Films Week Begins
Bodrum Turkish Films Week Begins

Held this year in the district of Muğla's Bodrum Bodrum Turkish Films Week 4'ncü famous director Orhan Murat Seker and began with the participation of Tekeoğlu.

Muğla news: Held this year in the district of Muğla's Bodrum Bodrum Turkish Films Week 4'ncü famous director Orhan Murat Seker and began with the participation of Tekeoğlu . Held for the fourth time this year in Bodrum Turkish Films Week , said hello to the cinema with an opening cocktail . Bodrum Cinema and Cultural Association organized by the Culture and Tourism Ministry , Bodrum Municipality, Cinemarine and the Magazine Journalists Association , especially in the film industry as many companies support the 4th Bodrum Turkish Films Week , interviews and movie screenings and got its start.

Basement Cinema and Cultural Association and Cinemarine business owners Cenk Sezgin hosted Oasis Shopping Culture and Entertainment Center , Square Yard held at the opening cocktail Producer, Director and Screenwriter Murat Seker and Orhan Tekeoğlu as well as moviegoers are also participating interest showed . After the cocktail lounge Cinemarine 1 Sugar and Orhan Murat was interviewed by Tekeoğlu . Interview Bodrum Film and Culture Association President and Cinemarine Cinemas operators Cenk Sezgin also join the famous director and film lovers for about an hour on cinema pleasant conversation made ​​.

Interview after Sezgin and directors to moviegoers their interest because of thanking film screenings to attend left the hall . President of the Association Cenk Sezgin also Tekeoğlu and Sugar participation because of a plaque of appreciation was presented .

Interview reporters after answering questions from the Director Murat Seker , the event was very nice , said in December, will be released Cakala dance with three movies about said:\"Çakallarla Dance series is a popular series was the film on December 5th will be released . movies the same cadre continues. Recent transfers have them. squad Gürkan appropriate , Derya Baykal and Derya Sensoy names like've added . Hence sequels of the most terrible and the audience disappointed portion staff in the decay are . our decay did not happen, our staff further strengthened . movies in theaters good figures reach what happens when I do not know but at the moment my project's final film looks like . my head the same team, a different theme to create . okay continue whether on 5 December te the audience to decide. "

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